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Google Rating
Based on 22 reviews


Key Achievements

Following the implementation of a keyword targeted content expansion in March 2021, organic traffic to Lebara’s site increased by 790% over the following six month period.

6 months graph: 790% increase in organic traffic.

12 months graph: 0 – 23700/month in 12 months.


Lebara has been a Vine Digital client for many years, over which time we’ve assisted the telecommunications company in various SEO, PPC and programmatic advertising campaigns. Lebara’s target customers are the international community in Australia, as the telco offers some of the lowest international call rates in the market.


The aim of the campaign was to expose the brand to new customers who might not be aware of Lebara’s unique selling point of its low call rates to a large variety of international countries. The campaign also wanted to look at ways to increase non-branded traffic to the site so that the brand could expand its reach. The level of competition on the most obvious keywords such as ‘mobile plan” or “prepaid plan” was incredibly high and so the team at Vine Digital had to think outside of the box to come up with an original content strategy. To come up with the country phone code idea, we conducted several types of research, starting with an analysis of Lebara’s audience to understand what sort of needs they may have, and to come up with several content strategies.

Our research showed us that one of the biggest search queries relating to overseas calls was information on how to call overseas, or what phone codes to use for specific countries. By targeting these kinds of keyword searches with dedicated informational landing pages we were able to increase SERP visibility and increase organic traffic to the site. For this campaign, our SEO specialists and content marketing experts created 100+ new pages on the Lebara website, to organically rank for informational searches in different countries. This campaign was highly successful and still continues to see exponential growth today.


This campaign needed a unique approach and we started with a detailed and in depth data mine of keyword search trends for the category. To come up with the country phone code idea, we had to conduct several types of research, starting with an analysis of Lebara’s audience to understand what sort of needs they may have, and to come up with several content strategies.

We then ran keyword research to estimate the potential search volume behind each content strategy idea. We also ran a semantical analysis to identify the type of keywords that were the most likely to rank.

We finally decided to build an entirely new section of the website, of pure information content which will regroup all the essential information any person would need to call to any overseas location from Australia.

We conducted one final round of keyword research to list all the keywords and countries we were going to target. We then built a new site architecture to give us a clear plan of all the pages we were going to build, where will they sit on the website, and how will they be integrated in the internal linking structure.

Once we knew what content we were going to publish on the website, we had to define how it was going to look. At the time we needed the content to be highly informative and useful but also easy to produce in bulk. So we worked on a design template, looking at a design that would work as the best solution for both the Google bots and website users.

Once the template was designed, it took us about 10 months to write and implement 130 new pages.

Our team assisted Lebara in the creation of the following:

  1. Carrying out a detailed keyword research GAP analysis to identify keyword gaps to target.
  2. Writing SEO keyword rich content.
  3. Creating the design mockup for the page template.
  4. Providing recommendations on how to structure the content from a UX perspective.
  5. Optimising the pages to be user and SEO friendly.
  6. Facilitating the implementation of over 100 new pages.


In the span of six months, the organic results generated by that section exploded from 3100 clicks to a peak of 23700 clicks per month. That is around 790% of growth, and it is still growing.

Lebara’s marketing manager has said that they are very happy with the continued organic growth, and that they are “very pleased to engage us as their partner agency”.