Sofiann McKerrell
26th Apr, 2016

The Gmail app for Android is getting an update today with support for Exchange accounts. Gmail confirms in a tweet that the update will bring “all your mail in one place”.

This resolved one of the app’s biggest shortcomings and most glaring omission – the lack of support for Microsoft Exchange email accounts.

When Gmail added support for non-Google email accounts, Microsoft Exchange wasn’t supported on all devices. This means users can’t get to their Exchange account without using another app. The new update for Android provided the much-needed remedy.

Following the update, a dedicated Exchange option will now be available at the bottom of the list of email accounts that can be added to Gmail. This allows users to mix and access personal information and work in the same space.

The move will save users a lot of time and offer convenient access to various correspondence.

According to Google, Android users can expect the update to go live in the Play Store over the next few days. But it isn’t available for everyone just yet. Because Google still restricts iPhone owners to Gmail accounts, the software update would not be as appealing for iOS users.

The search giant has been supporting third-party email providers in its Android mobile app for more than two years. These include Yahoo, Hotmail and Outlook. Exchange, however has been notably absent, except for users of a Nexus device, which has supported Microsoft’s Enterprise server since 2014.

The addition of Microsoft Exchange to Gmail app for Android makes Gmail a well-rounded choice of email for Android users.

Gmail app is a widely used platform because of the various features it offers, such as a well-organised inbox, with email messages sorted according to Primary, Social or Promotional. Gmail also effectively blocks spam, and provides users free storage of 15GB.

The addition of support for multiple email accounts – Gmail and non-Gmail, makes Gmail for Android even more appealing.

In addition, Google has updated Google Drive on the web, introducing a notification function in Chrome. The feature alerts users whenever someone requests access or shares files. While it seems like a minor update, it can effectively save you valuable time while waiting for an important document. You can work on something else while waiting for the notification to come through.