Yana Krotova
14th Nov, 2015

The holiday season is just around the corner, and people are beginning to look for good deals and promotions they can take advantage of. To help businesses prepare for the influx of shoppers, Google has come up with two new useful features in Adwords. The company posted the announcement this week on their official Adwords page.  

SMS Remarketing

One of the features, perhaps the most useful and powerful, allows advertisers to send marketing text messages directly to their customers’ phone. Google designed a new ad that will be shown to online searchers and will enable them to opt-in to text message updates while they are browsing on their mobile phones. Google provided the following photo of what the messages will look like:


Once the users see the ad and click the “Subscribe” button, they will begin to receive text messages from Google. These messages will contain relevant announcements and alerts from retailers, including discounts, limited time sales, and other special promotions. Built for businesses, the app is seen to be extremely beneficial, as businessmen will be able reach out to more consumers and strengthen their connection with their existing customers.

Customers have the option to unsubscribe from the text messages any time they want. All they need to do is reply “STOP” to the message. Businesses will need to be careful with how often they send alerts and updates to their customers’ mobile phones. Also, Google said they will not be giving away customer mobile phone numbers directly to businesses and advertisers, which means customers are rest assured that their privacy is protected.

Holiday Structured Snippets

Another new feature Google is introducing is the holiday structured snippets. They enable marketers to promote any special deals that are focused on major shopping days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Creating these snippets is much like adding other types of structured snippet to an online ad. Marketers only need to log in to Adwords, go through the drop down menu, and choose either “Black Friday” or “Cyber Monday” as the header of the ad extension. Here’s a look at what the snippets will look like on mobile:


The main factor that sets these snippets apart from the other ones that are already in Adwords is that they advertise only one offering. With the standard structured snippets, marketers need to include at least three offers.

When They Can Be Available

Advertisers can start using structured snippets for Black Friday on November 20th. According to Google, they will appear in search results throughout November 27th and will automatically stop when the day ends. Cyber Monday snippets will run from November 20 to November 30.

Businesses can use both structured snippets if they want to, but they must take note that snippets for Black Friday will be prioritized in search results until the popular retail shopping holiday ends.

Google also provided the following numbers for consumers and businesses who wish to test out these features and use them to check out holiday deals:

For Black Friday – 847-904-0608
For Cyber Monday – 847-906-8958
For Holiday deals – 847-904-0596