Sofiann McKerrell
14th Apr, 2016

The next major update for Windows 10 is in the works. Microsoft is currently developing Redstone, an updated operating system for both PC and mobile.

It comes with new features and improvements, such as notification syncing, improved UI and other new features for Quick Actions in the Action Centre. From a limited customisation action, Redstone will now allow users to customise the order of Quick Actions even on an expanded panel.

The improvements and new features aim to provide a better user experience.

Previously, users are only allowed to rearrange the position of the Quick Actions’ options at the bottom row. But in the updated build, the feature has been applied to the whole Quick Actions button, and will work even when the panel is expanded.

A drag-and-drop user interface has been implemented, allowing users to conveniently customise Quick Actions’ order by simply tapping and holding a particular quick action, and then moving it around.

Customisation of the order of the quick actions, however, is not available in the Action Centre in the current test build. Users would have to go to Settings to make changes in the order of the Quick Actions.

Microsoft is also working to improve the Settings of the Redstone build. New icons and options for sub menus have been added. The Settings panel also received a new UI with the recent internal build.

New Windows 10 emojis are also coming to mobile in the updated Redstone build. The collection of emojis is totally different from those in Android and iOS systems.

In the next Insider Preview build, Microsoft is also said to introduce a new Camera app feature, according to a report by WinBeta. This feature will allow users to access Camera from the lock screen. Users only need to hold the Camera button for a second or so to open the Camera app.

With Redstone still in development, users can expect new features and improvements to come their way in the coming weeks or months.

In a tweet, Microsoft’s Gabe Aul said that a new PC Preview build could be out this week.

It is unclear exactly when Windows 10 Mobile Redstone build will be made available to users. In previous reports, breaking cellular data bug has kept any new test build on Windows 10 Mobile to be released.

There is no confirmation either that the next Insider Preview build would have the new features and settings that Microsoft has revealed in this report.